Miguel A Valentin

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Insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle is mediated through the GLUT4 glucose transporter. Transgenic (TG) mice overexpressing human GLUT4 in skeletal muscle show an increased ability to handle a glucose load. Here, the participation of the overexpressed GLUT4 in the response to insulin was examined. In TG mouse muscle, the GLUT4 protein(More)
In a traditional wireless communication system many functions are implemented in hardware. These functions are normally unchangeable after they are implemented. A Software-defined Radio (SDR) is a radio communication system which uses software for the modulation and demodulation of radio signals. The flexibility achieved by this approach can ideally be used(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS This study sought first to compare the pharmacodynamics and pharmocokinetics of two rapid-onset, rapidly-reversible insulinotropic agents, nateglinide and repaglinide, in pre-diabetic Cynomolgus monkeys and second to use these agents to assess the metabolic effects of early insulin secretion on prandial glucose control. METHODS First,(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate current treatment patterns for coronary artery revascularization in Canada and explore the potential impact of drug eluting stents (DES) on these treatment patterns. METHODS Eleven cardiologists at multiple Canadian academic centers completed a questionnaire on coronary artery revascularization rates and treatment patterns. (More)
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