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Verbal fluency is a widely used neuropsychological paradigm. In fMRI implementations, conventional unpaced (self-paced) versions are suboptimal due to uncontrolled timing of responses, and overt responses carry the risk of motion artifact. We investigated the behavioral and neurofunctional effects of response pacing and overt speech in semantic(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence for frontal abnormality in autism has accumulated in recent years. Our own studies have shown abnormal activation in prefrontal cortex during finger tapping and visuomotor coordination. Studies in healthy adults suggest reduced premotor and increased prefrontal activity during advanced learning stages. We examined hemodynamic changes(More)
Despite the well-documented association between insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease, the key targets of insulin relevant to the development of cardiovascular disease are not known. Here, using non-biased profiling methods, we identify the enzyme flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (Fmo3) to be a target of insulin. FMO3 produces trimethylamine(More)
OBJECTIVE Several different epidemiological studies have examined the association between the consumption of tea and coronary heart disease. Some, though not all, support the view that tea or flavonoids reduce the risk of cardiovascular heart disease. The aim of this study was to determine the short-to medium-term effect of a green tea extract on vascular(More)
We present a method to move and control drops of water on superhydrophobic surfaces using magnetic fields. Small water drops ͑volume of 5 – 35 ␮l͒ that contain fractions of paramagnetic particles as low as 0.1% in weight can be moved at relatively high speed ͑7 cm/s͒ by displacing a permanent magnet placed below the surface. Coalescence of two drops has(More)
  • Gerhard Schmitz, M Rubio, A Urquia, L González, D Guinea, S Dormido +17 others
  • 2005
The design, implementation and use of FuelCellLib library are discussed. FuelCellLib is a Modelica library for the dynamic modeling of fuel cells (FC). It is intended to be used for: (1) enhancing the understanding of the physical-chemical phenomena involved in the fuel-cell operation; and (2) optimizing the performance of the fuel cells. Physical phenomena(More)
BACKGROUND Comparison of diabetes remission rates after bariatric surgery using two different models of criteria. METHODS Retrospective analysis of data from 110 patients with type 2 diabetes and morbid obesity who underwent bariatric surgery, preoperatively and at 18-month follow-up. Comparison of two models of remission: 1) 2009 consensus statement(More)
The design, implementation and use of GAPILib is discussed in this manuscript. GAPILib is a new Modelica library for parameter identification in Modelica models, using genetic algorithms (GA). GAPILib can be used for parameter estimation in any Modelica model and the estimation process does not require to perform model modifications. This new library(More)
  • Miguel A Rubio, Carolina Mañoso Hierro, Ángel Pérez De Madrid, Pablo
  • 2013
Engineers and scientists increasingly rely on computers for their work. As a consequence most science and engineering degrees have introduced a computer programming course in their curricula. However, lecturers face a complex task when teaching this subject: students consider the subject to be unrelated to their core interests and often feel uncomfortable(More)
The growth factor heregulin (HRG) promotes breast cancer (BC) tumorigenesis and metastasis and differentially modulates BC cell responses to DNA-damaging agents via its dual extracellular and nuclear localization. Given the central role of telomere dysfunction to drive carcinogenesis and to alter the chemotherapeutic profile of transformed cells, we(More)