Miguel A. Ortega-Vazquez

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Wind power generation is taking an increasing share of the overall energy production in many power systems. While its low marginal operating cost reduces the overall cost of meeting the demand for electrical energy, the stochastic and intermittent nature of wind generation increases the uncertainty that the system operators face and obliges them to procure(More)
The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) will bring forth large increases to the pre-existing demand in the power grid. Adverse impacts to the system will arise if the charging of these EVs is uncontrolled. In order to mitigate this challenge, as a first step the estimation of the additional power due to EV charging is crucial. The estimation is dependent upon(More)
We study competition and cooperation among a group of storage units. We show that as the number of storages increases, the profit of storages approaches zero under Nash competition. We propose two ways in which storages can achieve non-zero profit and show that they are optimal in the sense that storages achieve the maximum possible profit. The first is a(More)
An important function of aggregators is to enable the participation of small energy storage units in electricity markets. This paper studies two generally overlooked aspects related to aggregators of energy storage: i) the relationship between the aggregator and its constituent storage units and ii) the aggregator’s effect on system welfare. Regarding i),(More)
This paper presents a probabilistic approach for the short-term operation of a distribution company (DisCo) considering voltage-sensitive loads. The DisCo’s operational decisions are optimized in a day-ahead operation planning to maximize the difference between the energy sold to consumers and the purchases from the wholesale electricity market and(More)
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