Miguel A Noyola-Frías

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PURPOSE To evaluate the effectiveness of a therapeutic laser in the control of postoperative pain, swelling, and trismus associated with the surgical removal of impacted third molars. PATIENTS AND METHODS A double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial was conducted in 2 groups of 15 patients each undergoing surgical removal of impacted lower third(More)
BACKGROUND Healthy children attending day-care centers (DCC) may excrete cytomegalovirus (CMV) frequently. Mothers of children excreting CMV are at higher risk for acquiring this infection than mothers of children not excreting CMV. Despite the increased attendance to DCC by children there is a lack of information regarding CMV infection in Mexico. (More)
Rhabdomyosarcoma of soft tissue is the commonest sarcoma in pediatric medicine and comprises 15% of the solid tumors treated in pediatric oncology. It has an ample variety of clinical presentations in diverse organs and also presents a gamut of histopathological patterns, which sometimes make diagnosis difficult. We report two cases of rhabdomyosarcoma: one(More)
Isolated heterotopic lesions of neuroglial tissue may rarely present in the head and neck, or they may be associated with other congenital deviations. In this article we present the case of a 7-month-old patient with a central lesion that emerged through the anterior part of a bilateral palatine fissure.
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