Miguel A N Araújo

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Introduction In Caliber persistent labial artery (CPLA) can be defined as a vascular anomaly, which consists in the absence of distal tapering and branching of an artery when it penetrates in the submucosal tissue. The term “Caliber Persistent Artery” was first coiled by Voth [1] in 1962, and resembles the well-known gastric Dieulafoy [2] lesion. It was not(More)
We calculate the antiferromagnetic spin wave dispersion in the half-filled (electronic density n = 1) Hubbard model for a two-dimensional square lattice, using the random phase approximation (RPA) in a broken symmetry (spin density wave) ground state. Our results for the spin wave dispersion, ω(~ q), are compared with high-resolution inelastic neutron(More)
We introduce a Hamiltonian for fermions on a lattice and prove a theorem regarding its topological properties. We identify the topological criterion as a [Formula: see text]-topological invariant [Formula: see text] (the Pfaffian polynomial). The topological invariant is not only the first Chern number, but also the sign of the Pfaffian polynomial coming(More)
Abstract We review recent developments in the study of the diffusion reaction system of the type A + B --~ C in which the reactants are initially separated. We consider the case where the A and/3 particles are initially placed uniformly in Euclidean space at x > 0 and x < 0 respectively. We find that whereas for d > 2 a single scaling exponent characterizes(More)
A recently developed theory for the problem of Andreev reflection between a normal metal (N) and a multiband superconductor (MBS) assumes that the incident wave from the normal metal is coherently transmitted through several bands inside the superconductor. Such splitting of the probability amplitude into several channels is the analogue of a quantum(More)
Within the Hartree FockRPA analysis, we derive the spin wave spectrum for the weak ferromagnetic phase of the Hubbard model on the honeycomb lattice. Assuming a uniform magnetization, the polar (optical) and acoustic branches of the spin wave excitations are determined. The bipartite lattice geometry produces a qdependent phase difference between the spin(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the pharmacokinetics and tissue absorption of 2 paclitaxel (PTX) drug-coated balloons (DCB) using different drug loads in a porcine-injured iliac artery model. Twenty-eight pigs were randomized into 2 groups. In group B1, angioplasty was performed with a 1.0 µg/mm2 DCB with PTX and in group B3, with a 3.0 µg/mm2 DCB with(More)
The insertion of magnetic impurities in a conventional superconductor leads to various effects. In this work we show that the electron density is affected by the spins (considered as classical) both locally and globally. The charge accumulation is solved self-consistently. This affects the transport properties along magnetic domain walls. Also, we show that(More)
The effect of a magnetic field on a two-dimensional Chern band insulator is discussed. It is shown that, unlike the trivial insulator, an anomalous Hall insulator with Chern number C becomes a metal when a magnetic field is applied at constant particle density, for any C > 0. For a time-reversal invariant topological insulator with a spin Chern resolved(More)