Miguel A. Martínez

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Polyomaviruses are small circular DNA viruses associated with chronic infections and tumors in both human and animal hosts. Using an unbiased deep sequencing approach, we identified a novel, highly divergent polyomavirus, provisionally named MX polyomavirus (MXPyV), in stool samples from children. The ∼5.0 kB viral genome exhibits little overall homology(More)
Unbiased next-generation sequencing (NGS) approaches enable comprehensive pathogen detection in the clinical microbiology laboratory and have numerous applications for public health surveillance, outbreak investigation, and the diagnosis of infectious diseases. However, practical deployment of the technology is hindered by the bioinformatics challenge of(More)
—In this work, an empirical study on multiobjective optimization algorithms based on Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm is performed. The study focuses on getting good initial choices for evolutionary parameters for DE algorithm to tackle the multiobjective problem of PI controller tuning. This is an important issue in the field of control engineering,(More)