Miguel A. Laguna

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Software reuse is accepted as a source of important benefits, expressed in productivity and quality terms, when an industrial approach is introduced in the software process. However, mainstream software processes such as Unified Process do not include reuse techniques among the tools that software engineers must deal with. In this paper, we present a(More)
Binary mixtures of pyridoxal and pyridoxamine can be resolved by using zero-crossing first derivative spectrofluorimetry, first devivative constant wavelength synchronous luminescence spectrometry and first derivative constant energy synchronous luminescence spectrometry. These methods do not require any previous separation steps. The lowest quantization(More)
Feature models are the basic instrument to analyze and configure the variability of product lines (PL). However, is quite difficult to find a tool that offers enough functionality to develop them and defining their feature models. For that reason, we have built a tool to define and configure the feature diagrams of a product line in order to get the(More)