Miguel A. Herranz

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A proper planning is one of the main issues the success of a software project lies on. However, a perfect planning is not useful without monitoring sufficiently, which involves not only controlling that the activities and expected costs are being met properly, but also having the ability to anticipate the impact that deviations from the plan will have on(More)
The synthesis of a [60]fullerene-benzyne building block and its further chemical cycloaddition reaction with graphene has resulted in a new all-carbon hybrid material which has been characterized by TGA, FTIR and Raman spectroscopies, XPS as well as AFM and TEM. Based on computational studies, the formation of both [2+2] and [4+2] cycloadducts on the(More)
Chiral graphene quantum dots were prepared by acidic exfoliation and oxidation of graphite, dialysis, and esterification with enantiomerically pure (R) or (S)-2-phenyl-1-propanol. Circular dichroism studies support the formation of supramolecular aggregates with pyrene molecules, where a transfer of chirality occurs from the chiral graphene quantum dots to(More)
The synthesis and electrochemical properties of spiromethanofullerenes 1-6 are described. The syntheses were achieved via the diazomethane route, and the regioisomeric distribution of bis-adducts 3 was determined by (1)H NMR, UV-vis, and HPLC analysis. The electrochemistry of these compounds in dichloromethane exhibits, besides several reversible(More)
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