Miguel A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo

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In the literature, several examples of the efficiency of cell-like P systems regarding the solution of NP-complete problems in polynomial time can be found (obviously, trading space for time). Recently, different new models of tissue-like P systems have received important attention from the scientific community. In this paper we present a linear-time(More)
Skeletonizing an image is representing a shape with a small amount of information by converting the initial image into a more compact representation and keeping the meaning features. In this paper we use spiking neural P systems to solve this problem. Based on such devices, a parallel software has been implemented on the GPU architecture. Some real-world(More)
The Theory of Computation deals with the mechanical solvability of problems, distinguishing clearly between problems for which there are algorithmic procedures solving them, and those for which there are none. But it is very important to clarify the difference between solvability in theory and solvability in practice; that is, studying procedures which can(More)