Miguel A. Fuentes

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Many studies assume stock prices follow a random process known as geometric Brownian motion. Although approximately correct, this model fails to explain the frequent occurrence of extreme price movements, such as stock market crashes. Using a large collection of data from three different stock markets, we present evidence that a modification to the random(More)
BACKGROUND This manuscript reports the production and preclinical studies to examine the tolerance and efficacy of an autologous cellular gel-matrix integrated implant system (IIS) aimed to treat full-thickness skin lesions. METHODS The best concentration of fibrinogen and thrombin was experimentally determined by employing 28 formula ratios of thrombin(More)
During the course of development cells undergo division producing a variety of cell types. Proliferation and differentiation are dependent on both genetic programs, encoded by the cellular genome, and environmental cues produced by the local cellular environment imposing local selection pressures on cells. We explore the role that cellular signals play over(More)
Learning under uncertainty is a common task that people face in their daily life. This process relies on the cognitive ability to adjust behavior to environmental demands. Although the biological underpinnings of those cognitive processes have been extensively studied, there has been little work in formal models seeking to capture the fundamental dynamic of(More)
In this communication, we present a unifying framework to understand the emergence and maintenance of diversity in ecological systems. We do this by developing a deterministic population model including density-dependent limitation in resources and available space. Our model shows that competitive exclusion and neutral coexistence represent different(More)
Monitoring fetal movement is important to assess fetal health. Standard clinical fetal monitoring technologies include ultrasound imaging and cardiotocography. Both have limited prognostic value and require significant health resources. We have recently developed a low-cost, passive, non-invasive system to monitor fetal activity, and therefore fetal health.(More)
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