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Endophytic bacterial population was isolated from Spartina maritima tissues, a heavy metal bioaccumulator cordgrass growing in the estuaries of Tinto, Odiel, and Piedras River (south west Spain), one of the most polluted areas in the world. Strains were identified and ability to tolerate salt and heavy metals along with plant growth promoting and enzymatic(More)
BACKGROUND Rhizobium-Legume symbiosis is an attractive biological process that has been studied for decades because of its importance in agriculture. However, this system has undergone extensive study and although many of the major factors underpinning the process have been discovered using traditional methods, much remains to be discovered. RESULTS Here(More)
A glasshouse experiment was conceived to assess the role of a bacterial consortium (Pseudomonas composti SDT3, Aeromonasaquariorum SDT 13 and Bacillus sp. SDT14) isolated from the rizhosphere of S. densiflora on its growth and physiological tolerance to the physicochemical properties of marsh soils. Two inoculation treatments (with and without inoculation)(More)
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