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Higher dimensional Chern-Simons theories, even though constructed along the same topological pattern as in 2+1 dimensions, have been shown recently to have generically a non-vanishing number of degrees of freedom. In this paper, we carry out the complete Dirac Hamiltonian analysis (separation of first and second class constraints and calculation of the(More)
OBJECTIVE We compared conventional treatment with pumpless extracorporeal lung membrane (Interventional Lung Assist [iLA] Novalung; Novalung GmbH, Hechingen, Germany) support in a pig model of postpneumonectomy severe acute respiratory distress syndrome. METHODS Adult pigs underwent a left thoracotomy without (group I) or with a left extrapericardial(More)
OBJECTIVE Videothoracoscopic (VTC) resection of peripheral pulmonary nodules (PN) occasionally requires performing a mini-thoracotomy to locate them using palpation. The aim of this study is to evaluate the usefulness of inserting a CT-guided harpoon as a method for locating PN prior to surgery. MATERIAL AND METHODS A study was conducted on a total of 52(More)
The quantization of circular strings in an anti–de Sitter background spacetime is performed, obtaining a discrete spectrum for the string mass. A comparison with a four-dimensional homogeneous and isotropic spacetime coupled to a confor-mal scalar field shows that the string radius and the scale factor have the same classical solutions and that the quantum(More)
The Ashtekar-Barbero formulation of general relativity admits a one-parameter family of canonical transformations that preserves the expressions of the Gauss and diffeomorphism constraints. The loop quantization of the connection formalism based on each of these canonical sets leads to different predictions. This phenomenon is called the Immirzi ambiguity.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Endocarditis is a rare and serious complication of human brucellosis. The diagnosis is suspected in cases of endocarditis without response to conservative antibiotic treatment and it is confirmed with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test, titers being higher than 1:160. The treatment is usually a surgery, followed with(More)
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