Miguel Ángel Minaya

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The occurrence of Stowaway MITEs and their potential footprints in the grasses was assessed within an explicit phylogenetic framework. An organismal tree was used to analyze the distribution and evolutionary dynamics of these elements and their potential excision footprints in the fourth intron of the β-amylase gene and in other introns of several nuclear(More)
The Pooideae are a highly diverse C3 grass subfamily that includes some of the most economically important crops, nested within the highly speciose core-pooid clade. Here, we build and explore the phylogeny of the Pooideae within a temporal framework, assessing its patterns of diversification and its chromosomal evolutionary changes in the light of past(More)
Low-copy nuclear genes (LCNGs) have complex genetic architectures and evolutionary dynamics. However, unlike multicopy nuclear genes, LCNGs are rarely subject to gene conversion or concerted evolution, and they have higher mutation rates than organellar or nuclear ribosomal DNA markers, so they have great potential for improving the robustness of(More)
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