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(Centros de Recursos para el Aprendizaje) y CRAI (Centros de Recursos para el Aprendizaje y la Investigación) promueven un 1 REBIUN, organismo que aglutina a las bibliotecas universitarias españolas, está impulsando la investigación y la transformación de éstas en CRAI, con el fin de proporcionar el apoyo adecuado al nuevo modelo educativo universitario(More)
This paper presents the theoretical basis and practical implications of the incorporation of learning objects to Higher Education learning architectures. Assuming that in order to improve their cost-effectiveness such architectures should benefit from the richness of resources that instructional digital libraries have available, the problem is found in(More)
This paper presents the advances and future trends of the DOTEINE project, whose main goal is to develop advanced instruments for document organization and retrieval that can be used to support learning in educational digital libraries. It describes the development of an educational repository as well as an educational metadata application profile and the(More)
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