Miguel Ángel Martínez

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Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease results in millions of sudden deaths annually, and coronary artery disease accounts for the majority of this toll. Plaque rupture plays main role in the majority of acute coronary syndromes. Rupture has been usually associated with stress concentrations, which are determined mainly by tissue properties and plaque(More)
Physiological studies have shown that focal articular surface defects in the human knee may progress to degenerative arthritis. Although the risk of this evolutive process is multifactorial, defect size is one of the most important factors. In order to determine the influence of osteochondral defect size and location on the stress and strain concentrations(More)
Virus capsid assembly constitutes an attractive target for the development of antiviral therapies; a few experimental inhibitors of this process for HIV-1 and other viruses have been identified by screening compounds or by selection from chemical libraries. As a different, novel approach we have undertaken the rational design of peptides that could act as(More)
It is commonly accepted that total or partial meniscectomies cause wear of articular cartilages that leads to severe damage in a period of few years. This also produces alteration of the biomechanical environment and increases articular instability, with a progressive and degenerative arthrosic pathology. Due to these negative consequences, total(More)
A new device for local delivery of antibiotics is presented, with potential use as a drug-eluting fixation pin for orthopedic applications. The implant consists of a stainless steel hollow tubular reservoir packed with the desired antibiotic. Release takes place through several orifices previously drilled in the reservoir wall, a process that does not(More)
Evolutionary processes in biological tissue, such as adaptation or remodeling, represent an enterprising area of research. In this paper, we present a multiscale model for the remodeling of fibered structures, such as bundles of collagen fibrils. With this aim, we introduce a von Mises statistical distribution function to account for the directional(More)
Nazul Becerril et al. Abstract. Using the technique of Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, we have detected the formation of complexes between the homotri-mer protein ring Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen, PCNA, and two fundamental regulators of the cell cycle, CdkA and Cyclin D4;2 along germination of maize seeds. This finding suggests the way PCNA(More)
Acknowledgements This thesis arose in part out of years of research that has been done before I came to Philips Connectivity group. By that time, I have worked with a great number of people whose contribution in assorted ways to the research and the making of the thesis deserved special mention. It is a pleasure to convey my gratitude to them all in my(More)
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