Miguel-Ángel López

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A millimeter-sized tubular motor for mobile biosensing of H2O2 in environmental and relevant clinical samples is reported. The concept relies on the self-propelled motion by the Marangoni effect, where the asymmetric release of SDS surfactant induces fluid convection and rapid dispersion of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) enzyme into the sample solution. This(More)
Mechanical forces are known to regulate the function of tissues in the body, including bone. Bone adapts to its mechanical environment by altering its shape and increasing its size in response to increases in mechanical load associated with exercise, and by decreasing its size in response to decreases in mechanical load associated with microgravity or(More)
Type I diabetes is characterized by insulin insufficiency due to lack of functional beta cells. To replace injection therapy, schemes such as the Hybrid Artificial Pancreas (HAP) were developed. This consists of an acrylic housing enclosing a semipermeable hollow fiber membrane. Donor islets can be seeded in the annular space through a port in the housing,(More)
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