Miglen Ovtcharov

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Signal distortions in communication systems occur between the transmitter and the receiver; these distortions normally cause bit errors at the receiver. In addition interference by other signals may add to the deterioration in performance of the communication link. In order to achieve reliable communication, the effects of the communication channel(More)
In this paper we put forward a scheme for suppressing narrowband interference by the use of adaptive narrowband filtering. We compare this method with other schemes for the suppression of complex narrowband interference in OFDM UWB systems, such as the frequency excision method and complex narrowband interference identification and cancelation algorithms.(More)
In this paper we propose a scheme for Narrowband Interference (NBI) suppression for MIMO OFDM system using adaptive narrowband filter banks. We compare this method with other schemes for suppression of complex NBI, such as Frequency Excision method, Complex NBI Identification and Cancellation algorithm and Orthogonal Space Time Block Coding (OSTBC). The(More)
In this paper a comparison of several narrowband interference (NBI) suppression methods for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) digital wireless communication systems with Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coding (OSTBC) is done. Each of the methods is analyzed in respect of its computational complexity(More)
Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) communication technology has received recently significant attention triggered by the rapid development of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) broad-band wireless and high speed wireline communication systems. Such systems are very sensitive to Narrowband Interferences (NBI) due to their relatively low(More)
This work illustrates how the Hilbert transformer design method and the word length used can influence the Bit Error Ratio (BER) performance of multicarrier systems. The implementation of new digital even order allpass based Hilbert transformers is proposed. The Hilbert transformer realization is developed using worst case phase sensitivity minimization of(More)
The basic motivation for this work is to investigate how Hilbert transformer (HT) design optimization can influence the Bit Error Ratio (BER) performance of a multicarrier wireless system. The implementation of a novel digital allpass based HT is proposed. The HT realization is based on worst-case phase-sensitivity minimization of each individual allpass(More)
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