Mifuyu Kamo

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The adequacy of dialysis is a primary concern when caring for patients undergoing CAPD. It is also important to analyze the key factors, which will reflect on the prognosis of elderly patients on CAPD. In this study, 60 CAPD patients were examined. The peritoneal and residual renal clearance of these patients were calculated every six months. These patients(More)
We examined the role of central command in static exercise-induced increase in middle cerebral artery mean blood flow velocity (V(MCA)). Eleven young female subjects performed static elbow flexion for 2 min at 30% maximal voluntary contraction without (control exercise; CONT) and with vibrations to the biceps brachii tendon (EX+VIB) in order to reduce the(More)
Previous studies have investigated the relationship between prefrontal cortex activation and perceived exertion during prolonged exercise. However, the effect of perceived exertion on prefrontal cortex activity is confounded by exercise intensity. Therefore, the changes in prefrontal cortex activity in response to perceived exertion remain unclear. The(More)
To elucidate the strategy of the activity of motor units (MUs) to maintain a constant-force isometric contraction, I examined the behavior of MUs in knee extensor muscles [(vastus medialis (VM), vastus lateralis (VL) and rectus femoris (RF)] during a sustained contraction at 5% of maximal voluntary contraction for 5 min. In all cases, the spike interval(More)
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