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We report the sudden onset of bilateral hearing loss in a patient with Crohn's disease while the intestinal disease was quiescent. Antibodies directed against collagen type II were detected in the serum. Dramatic improvement of his hearing was observed under corticosteroid therapy. Diagnosis of autoimmune sensorineural hearing loss was established. This(More)
Plasma cell leukemia (PCL) is a very rare disease. We report two cases of PCL with complex chromosomal abnormalities: long arm trisomy and short arm partial monosomy of chromosome 1, a marker derived from chromosome 8, and monosomy 13 were found in both cases; other additional chromosome abnormalities were also present in each case. Bastard et al. reports(More)
Patients with primary immunodeficiencies are at high risk for developing haematological malignancies and, to a lesser degree, carcinoma. We report a patient with ascertained X-linked agammaglobulinaemia who developed a gastric carcinoma involving the distal part of the stomach associated with chronic atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia. These(More)
On the basis of two personal cases of acute leukaemia occurring following immunosuppressive therapy for disseminated sclerosis and for Behçet's syndrome, the literature is reviewed. Thirty three similar detailed cases were collected. They are characterised in general by the prolonged use of immunosuppression. The acute leukaemia affected the granulocyte(More)
magnesemia, 0.8 mg/dl (1.8–2.1). Other significant laboratory tests included: serum iron 11.0 ng/dl (35–145), carotene 6.0 ng/dl (48–200), serum phosphorus 2.0 mg/dl (3.5–4.5), serum potassium 2.7 mEq/L (3.5–5.0), and serum creatine phosphokinase 582 U/L (30–176). A 72-h fecal fat collection revealed a stool volume of 1.3 L/24 h and significant steatorrhea(More)
Bone pain due to bone metastases is a frequent presenting symptom of lung cancer. However, sternal metastases are unusual. We report two patients with inflammatory sternal metastases mimicking osteitis and indicating lung cancer. Chest computed tomography scan showed lytic lesion of the sternal manubrium invading anterior soft tissue. Diagnosis relied on(More)
We report 2 cases of maculopapular eruption and fever in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) on the 2nd day of first administration of ritonavir, a protease inhibitor. In the 1st patient, clinical improvement occurred despite continuation of therapy, and in the 2nd the treatment was stopped with remission and rechallenge resulting in(More)