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In this paper, a robust output feedback tracking control scheme for motion control of uncertain robot manipulators without joint velocity measurement based on a second‐order sliding mode (SOSM) observer is presented. Two second‐order sliding mode observers with finite time convergence are developed for velocity estimation and (More)
In this paper, a novel finite time fault tolerant control (FTC) is proposed for uncertain robot manipulators with actuator faults. First, a finite time passive FTC (PFTC) based on a robust nonsingular fast terminal sliding mode control (NFTSMC) is investigated. Be analyzed for addressing the disadvantages of the PFTC, an AFTC are then investigated by(More)
In order to enhance the performance of bearing defect classification, feature extraction and dimensionality reduction have become important. In order to extract the effective features, wavelet kernel local fisher discriminant analysis (WKLFDA) is first proposed; herein, a new wavelet kernel function is proposed to construct the kernel function of LFDA. In(More)
In this paper, the fault diagnosis (FD) problem in image-based visual servoing with eye-in-hand configurations is investigated. The potential failures are detected and isolated based on approximating parameters related. First, the failure scenarios of the visual servoing systems are reviewed and classified into the actuator and sensor faults. Second, a(More)
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