Mieke Starink-Willemse

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The phylogenetic relationships of 17 selected Septoria spp. (eight with a known Mycosphaerella teleomorph), Phloeospora ulmi (teleomorph M. ulmi) and 18 additional taxa (10 with a Mycosphaerella teleomorph) were inferred from ITS and D2-LSU nrDNA sequences. In total, 10 anamorph genera associated with Mycosphaerella were represented. Intraspecific variation(More)
The genus Cladosporium is one of the largest genera of dematiaceous hyphomycetes, and is characterised by a coronate scar structure, conidia in acropetal chains and Davidiella teleomorphs. Based on morphology and DNA phylogeny, the species complexes of C. herbarum and C. sphaerospermum have been resolved, resulting in the elucidation of numerous new taxa.(More)
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