Mieke Meirsschaut

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Screening instruments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often generate many false positives. It is argued that these children may have other developmental difficulties and are also in need of thorough assessment and early intervention. The current study looked at the predictive validity of positive screens on the Checklist for Early Signs of Developmental(More)
This within-family study investigated whether mothers differentiate between children in their interactive behavior. Mothers were observed during a play and a task interaction separately with their child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) (between 46 and 84 months old, M = 68) and with a younger sibling (between 29 and 67 months old, M = 48). Additionally,(More)
In this study the social behaviour of young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their mothers is compared within two different dyads: a dyad consisting of a mother and her own child and a dyad consisting of a mother and an unfamiliar child. Mothers did not change the frequency of their social initiatives and responsiveness with an unfamiliar(More)
Proefschrift ingediend tot het behalen van de academische graad van Doctor in de Pedagogische Wetenschappen 2005 First of all, I would like to express my profound gratitude to my supervisor, Prof. Dr. Herbert Roeyers, who gave me the opportunity to work in his research group. Thank you for your support and guidance on my first steps in academia. You gave me(More)
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