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Type 1 diabetes is a common metabolic disorder accompanied by an increased secretion of glucocorticoids and cognitive deficits. Chronic excess of glucocorticoids per se can evoke similar neuropathological signals linked to its major target in the brain, the hippocampus. This deleterious action exerted by excess adrenal stress hormone is mediated by(More)
OBJECTIVE Niacin potently lowers triglycerides, mildly decreases LDL-cholesterol, and largely increases HDL-cholesterol. Despite evidence for an atheroprotective effect of niacin from previous small clinical studies, the large outcome trials, AIM-HIGH and HPS2-THRIVE did not reveal additional beneficial effects of niacin (alone or in combination with(More)
The complement system, an important arm of the innate immune system, is activated in heart failure (HF). We hypothesized that HF patients are characterized by an imbalance of alternative amplification loop components; including properdin and complement factor D and the alternative pathway inhibitor factor H. These components and the activation product,(More)
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