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Mutants of ColIb plasmid affected the synthesis of O-side chains of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) in Salmonella. The plasmid srd 25 (defective in colicin synthesis) caused a significant decline of rhamnose and mannose content and lack of abequose in LPS of S. typhimurium. The number of repeating units in O-side chains was decreased after the indroduction of srd(More)
Exopolysaccharides (EPS) of nodulating strains of Rhizobium trifolii and Rhizobium leguminosarum added to red clover seedlings before inoculation reduced the number of nodules. The inhibition of the nodulation was correlated with the amount of EPS. The preparations of EPS from mutants defective in early stages of nodulation (Roa- or Hac-) did not affect the(More)
Lignobacter strain K17 is able to degrade aromatic compounds and to fix atmospheric nitrogen. It was proved that capacity for nitrogen fixation by Lignobacter was plasmid mediated. Plasmid pUCS100 (17.5 Mdal) carrying nif genes was transferred from Lignobacter to Escherichia coli SK1592 and Salmonella typhimurium. The transposon Tn9 was translocated to(More)
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