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This paper proposes the micro liquid flow sensor for microreactor applications. The standout feature of the developed micro flow sensor is its high resistance to corrosive liquid by making all the wetted surface of the micro flow sensor of glass and placing the sensing elements non-wetted. The micro flow sensor is made by MEMS process. The numerical(More)
The micro flow sensor was developed. The flow sensor is corrosion resistant owing to making all wetted surfaces as glass and placing sensing elements in non-wetted areas by MEMS process. On response to user needs, measurable high flowrate range was expanded by Time-of-Flight method and the flow sensor was downsized. Original flow sensor fulfilled targeted(More)
The sunlight that reaches the surface of the earth is composed of polychromatic light with wavelengths ranging from 290 nm to 2500 nm. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a component of sunlight that is harmful to organisms. Although it is known that sunlight induces photoproducts and harmful eŠects such as major DNA damage caused by UV light in the tissues of many(More)
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