Mie Nakatani

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The authors come up with an algorithm of synthesizing music that can appropriately express emotions in dances. This algorithm can help one compile music suitable for dance movies or animation films, and is also applicable to any entertainment systems that use music or dance. This algorithm is composed of three modules. The first is the module of computing(More)
We propose Reminiscence Park Interface. This interface gives the personal spaces for listening to the favorite songs by using the original music boxes. And our interface also visualizes the diffusions and the overlaps of the users' spaces by computer graphics on the original resonance table. The users can enjoy listening to their favorite songs alone or(More)
In the interactive model considered herein, a user can be made to feel that the virtual world exists as tangibly as the real world does. Once " Friendly Process of Human-Computer Interaction " launches, a user can wait to see what happens before he or she takes action. Even if a user does nothing, the program still runs. A PC user is an audience. The(More)
In this paper, we describe our vision for human-computer interaction (HCI), which we have coined as the " friendly process, " where a human and his/her computer seek their situation in relation to each other and form a new relationship with each other through repetitive reactions. The goal of this process is to bridge the gap between humans and computers(More)