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We have developed a simple and sensitive assay method to monitor DNA denaturation. This method is based on (i) incorporation of fluorescent labels onto complementary DNA strands during target-specific amplification by polymerase chain reaction and (ii) detection of DNA denaturation by fluorescence resonance energy transfer. Fluorescein-11-dUTP and(More)
The effects of the background particles on the translation process have been investigated by NUCTE-III and the newly upgraded NUCTE-III/T devices. In NUCTE-III experiments, field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasmas are translated into weakly ionized plasma with translation velocity of 100km/s. The decay time of the particle inventory and the poloidal flux(More)
Mitochondria strongly contribute to the maintenance of cellular integrity through various mechanisms, including oxidative adenosine triphosphate production and calcium homeostasis regulation. Therefore, proper regulation of the abundance, distribution and activity of mitochondria is crucial for the maintenance of cellular homeostasis. Previous studies have(More)
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