Midori Sugaya

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Somatically acquired mutations in the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene in lung cancer are associated with significant clinical responses to gefitinib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor that targets EGFR. We screened the EGFR in 469 resected tumours of patients with lung cancer, which included 322 adenocarcinomas, 102 squamous cell carcinomas, 27 large(More)
Constructing an embedded device with a real-time and a general-purpose operating system has attracted attention as a promising approach to let the device balance real-time responsiveness and rich func-tionalities. This paper introduces our methodology for constructing such multi-OS platform with minimal engineering cost by assuming asymmet-ric OS(More)
In ubiquitous computing environments, our daily lives will be made convenient by embedded intelligent devices. Those devices, such as car navigation systems, personal digital assistances, and cellular phones, provide various kinds of the complex services. Those devices are networked with each other and provide complicated services, through the Internet.(More)
Context-oriented programming (COP) treats context explicitly and provides mechanisms to adapt behavior dynamically in reaction to changes in context at runtime. These languages are desirable to context-sensitive embedded software since such software usually works in various contexts of heterogeneous devices and complex environments. Moreover, a practical(More)
These days embedded systems are making great strides with the development of hardware to satisfy user's varied demands. As one can see many kinds of systems operated in our daily life, software becomes dependent on real-time processing functions as well as various functions (for instance, multimedia system or network). These systems have the disadvantage of(More)
Next generation robot is expected to provide multi-purpose services depending on surrounding environments. Currently, many of robots would support a limited services, since it is difficult to solve the cross-cutting concerns in those complex services. Additionally, after the launch of robot products, it requires to support additional extended services that(More)