Midori Suenaga

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Vizantin has immunostimulating properties and anticancer activity. In this study, we investigated the molecular mechanism of immune activation by vizantin. THP-1 cells treated with small interfering RNA for TLR-4 abolished vizantin-induced macrophage activation processes such as chemokine release. In addition, compared with wild-type mice, the release of(More)
Trehalose 6,6'-dicorynomycolate (TDCM) was first characterized in 1963 as a cell surface glycolipid of Corynebacterium spp. by Ioneda and co-workers. TDCM shows potent anti-tumor activity due to its immunoadjuvant properties. Furthermore, the toxicity of TDCM in mice is much weaker than the related trehalose diester of mycolic acid; trehalose(More)
We present here environmental factors including pH shifts, temperature, and metal ions surrounding Aβ40 monomer to precede the oligomers. We also suggest a new idea to detect Aβ40 oligomers with anti-Aβ40 monoclonal antibody using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. This method involves the different sensitivity of the thermal shifts between Aβ40 monomer and(More)
Mice with juvenile visceral steatosis (JVS) develop remarkable cardiac hypertrophy and exhibit an increased number of mitochondria in their heart. However, the biochemical characteristics and physiological functions of these mitochondria cardiac are little known. Here we show that the respiratory activities at state 3 with glutamate plus malate or succinate(More)
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