Midori Ozawa

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On the basis of our 2011 microbiological monitoring tests, we report here the current microbiological status of mice and rats housed in experimental facilities in Japan. We tested more than 14,000 mice, 6,000 serum samples, 500 fecal or cecal samples, and 200 lung samples from 3,549 mouse facilities within Japanese universities and institutes (U/I),(More)
The degree of fetal growth restriction has been unclear in equine reproduction. In this study, 2,195 fetuses from 2,137 abortions during 11 seasons were examined to determine the causes of abortion, and fetal size dimensions (crown rump length and body weight) were measured. In total, 900 cases (42.1%) of abortion were identified as caused by viral(More)
Information regarding the prevalence of infectious agents in mice in pet shops in Japan is scarce. This information is particularly useful for minimizing the risk of potential transmission of infections to laboratory mice. Therefore, we surveyed infectious agents in mice from pet shops in Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan. The survey was conducted in 28 mice from 5(More)
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