Midori Fukaya

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Plant-dwelling mites are potentially exposed to solar ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation that causes deleterious and often lethal effects, leading most mites to inhabit the lower (underside) leaf surfaces. However, in species of spider mite belonging to the Genus Panonychus, a substantial portion of individuals occur on upper leaf surfaces. We investigated(More)
Vibrational senses are vital for plant-dwelling animals because vibrations transmitted through plants allow them to detect approaching predators or conspecifics. Little is known, however, about how coleopteran insects detect vibrations. We investigated vibrational responses of the Japanese pine sawyer beetle, Monochamus alternatus, and its putative sense(More)
Population trends of the brackish water damselfly, Mortonagrion hirosei were studied for 4 years in the reed community artificially established for conservation of this endangered species. Because of difficulty with mark-and-recapture experiments on this small damselfly with weak wings in the large dense reed community, census counts using the line transect(More)
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