Micki M Kuhlmann

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Soybean dwarf virus (SbDV), first identified as an agricultural problem in Japan, has emerged as a growing problem in the Midwestern United States. The majority of research on SbDV had been limited to four lab maintained strains from Japan. SbDV had been found in clover in the eastern United States, but these isolates rarely emerged into soybeans. These(More)
UNLABELLED Turnip crinkle virus (TCV) contains a structured 3' region with hairpins and pseudoknots that form a complex network of noncanonical RNA:RNA interactions supporting higher-order structure critical for translation and replication. We investigated several second-site mutations in the p38 coat protein open reading frame (ORF) that arose in response(More)
The Panicum mosaic virus-like translation enhancer (PTE) functions as a cap-independent translation enhancer (3'CITE) in members of several Tombusviridae genera including 7/19 carmoviruses. For nearly all PTE, a kissing-loop connects the element with a hairpin found in several conserved locations in the genomic RNA (5' terminal hairpin or ~100 nt from the(More)
UNLABELLED Ribosome recoding is used by RNA viruses for translational readthrough or frameshifting past termination codons for the synthesis of extension products. Recoding sites, along with downstream recoding stimulatory elements (RSEs), have long been studied in reporter constructs, because these fragments alone mediate customary levels of recoding and(More)
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