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PCDDs, PCDFs, PCBs and HCB in marine and estuarine sediments from Queensland, Australia.
Concentrations of 2,3,7,8-chlorine substituted PCDDs, PCDFs, selected PCB congeners and HCB were determined in sediment samples collected from sites along the east coast of Queensland in northernExpand
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A new paravian dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of North America supports a late acquisition of avian flight
The last two decades have seen a remarkable increase in the known diversity of basal avialans and their paravian relatives. The lack of resolution in the relationships of these groups combined withExpand
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Dioxins in Aquatic Environments in Australia - Technical Report No. 6
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Dioxins in Soil in Australia - Technical Report No. 5
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Contaminants with low water solubility and high carbon-water partitioning are generally considered to have low mobility in soils. However, the presence of co-contaminants can act as transportExpand
Occurrence and behaviour of persistent lipophilic contaminants in the Southern Hemisphere.
Lipophilic substances, having environmental persistence and occurring widely in ecosystems, have been generally described as persistent lipophilic contaminants (PLCs) or persistent organic pollutantsExpand
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