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Short term decision support for manufacturing systems is generally difficult because of the initial data needed by the calculations. Previous works suggest the use of a discrete event observer in order to retrieve these data from a virtual copy of the workshop, as up to date as possible at any time. This proposal offered many perspectives, but suffers from(More)
Transitic systems are typically conveying systems used to transport parcels/products. The design of these systems is more and more complex due to flow and speed increase which pose hardware and software problems. The control engineers, who master the logic of control systems, also have to adapt themselves to the type of hardware already present at the(More)
With the increase of flexibility and production rates, the complexity of manufacturing systems reached a point where the operator in charge of the production activity control of the system is not able to forecast efficiently the impact of his decisions on the global performances. As a matter of fact, more and more Decision Support Systems (DSS) are(More)
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