Mickaël Delaire

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This study examines the response of exhaled nitric oxide (NO) concentration (ECNO) and quantity of exhaled NO over time (EVNO) in 10 healthy subjects breathing into five polyethylene bags, one in which synthetic air was free of NO and four in which NO was diluted to concentrations of 20 +/- 0.6, 49 +/- 0.8, 98 +/- 2, and 148 +/- 2 ppb, respectively. Each(More)
This study examines the response of the exhaled nitric oxide (NO) concentration (CNO) and the exhaled NO output (VNO) during incremental exercise and during recovery in six sedentary women, seven sedentary men, and eight trained men. The protocol consisted of increasing the exercise intensity by 30 W every 3 min until exhaustion, followed by 5 min of(More)
This study examines whether exhausting exercise in cold air induces bronchial obstruction and changes in exhaled [NO] and in exhaled NO output (V'NO). Thus, eight well-trained males performed two incremental exercise tests until exhaustion, followed by 5 min of recovery in temperate (22 degrees C) and cold (-10 degrees C) environments, at random. At -10(More)
We studied the short-term (i.e., a few days) effect of a sudden increase in CO2 uptake by shoots on nutrient (NO3-, P ion, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+) uptake by roots during vegetative growth of young walnut (Juglans nigra x J. major L.) trees. The increase in CO2 uptake was induced by a sudden increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration ([CO2]). Twelve 2-year-old(More)
The authors investigated sports-related precedents in two groups of male subjects, aged 40 years and over, of French nationality. One group had consulted for a degenerative, chronic rheumatic disorder, and the control group showed no signs of this type of disorder. Care was taken to verify that the two groups did not differ in terms of profession, means of(More)
In apple, the first-order branch of a tree has a characteristic architecture constituting three shoot types: bourses (rosettes), bourse shoots, and vegetative shoots. Its overall architecture as well as that of each shoot thus determines the distribution of sources (leaves) and sinks (fruits) and could have an influence on the amount of sugar allocated to(More)
Nitrate and potassium uptake are strongly correlated in deciduous trees from bud break to leaf fall. A conceptual model for potassium cycling is proposed to explain this result. We have studied the correlation between nitrate and potassium uptake in spring and autumn in two deciduous tree species: walnut and sycamore maple. Two-year-old trees were(More)
In order to better understand the significance of models in practical horticulture we have to put ourselves into the position of the horticulturist (orchard grower, consultant. . .) and appreciate first of all some skepticism toward modeling. This does not necessarily mean a downright refusal to use models: on the contrary, it is often the result of an(More)