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—In this paper we present a survey of existing prototypes dedicated to software defined radio. We propose a classification related to the architectural organization of the prototypes and provide some conclusions about the most promising architectures. This study should be useful for cognitive radio testbed designers who have to choose between many possible(More)
Efficient programming of signal processing applications on embedded systems is a complex problem. High level models such as Synchronous dataflow (SDF) have been privileged candidates for dealing with this complexity. These models permit to express inherent application parallelism, as well as analysis for both verification and optimization. Parametric(More)
The advent of portable software-defined radio (<scp>sdr</scp>) technology is tightly linked to the resolution of a difficult problem: efficient compilation of signal processing applications on embedded computing devices. Modern wireless communication protocols use packet processing rather than infinite stream processing and also introduce dependencies(More)
—In this paper, we explore new area/throughput trade-offs for the Girault, Poupard and Stern authentication protocol (GPS). This authentication protocol was selected in the NESSIE competition and is even part of the standard ISO/IEC 9798. The originality of our work comes from the fact that we exploit a fixed key to increase the throughput. It leads us to(More)
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