Mickaël Bourgoin

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Mixing and transport in turbulent flows-which have strong local concentration fluctuations-are essential in many natural and industrial systems including reactions in chemical mixers, combustion in engines and burners, droplet formation in warm clouds, and biological odor detection and chemotaxis. Local concentration fluctuations, in turn, are intimately(More)
Turbulent transport of material inclusions plays an important role in many natural and industrial situations. Being able to accurately model and predict the dynamics of dispersed particles transported by a turbulent carrier flow, remains a challenge. One critical and difficult point is to develop models which correctly describe the dynamics of particles(More)
We report measurements of the Lagrangian velocity structure functions of orders 1 through 10 in a high Reynolds number (Taylor microscale Reynolds numbers of up to R(lambda) = 815 ) turbulence experiment. Passive tracer particles are tracked optically in three dimensions and in time, and velocities are calculated from the particle tracks. The structure(More)
We present an apparatus that generates statistically homogeneous and isotropic turbulence with a mean flow that is less than 10% of the fluctuating velocity in a volume of the size of the integral length scale. The apparatus is shaped as an icosahedron where at each of the 12 vertices the flow is driven by independently controlled propellers. By adjusting(More)
  • Christophe Baudet, Mickaël Bourgoin, Muhammad Nauman Qureshi, Mr, Yves Gagne, Warhaft Zellman +15 others
  • 2009
Acknowledgements First of all I thank God, the Almighty, for blessing me with courage, patience, perseverance, and all one needs to accomplish a doctoral dissertation. At this moment in time, when I look back, I see a long list of people who helped me achieve this important milestone in my life and to those I feel obliged to express my gratitude. The first(More)
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