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The grain hardness locus, Ha, is located at the distal end of the short arm of chromosome 5D in wheat. Three polypeptides, puroindoline-a, puroindoline-b, and grain softness protein (GSP-1), have been identified as components of friabilin, a biochemical marker for grain softness, and the genes for these polypeptides are known to be tightly linked to the Ha(More)
The grain softness proteins or friabilins are known to be composed of three main components: puroindoline a, puroindoline b, and GSP-1. cDNAs for GSP-1 have previously been mapped to group-5 chromosomes and their location on chromosome 5D is closely linked to the grain hardness (Ha) locus of hexaploid wheat. A genomic DNA clone containing the GSP-1 gene(More)
An Eimeria tenella cDNA library was constructed in the expression vector lambda gt11 from poly (A+) RNA extracted from sporulating oocysts. The library was screened with rabbit antiserum raised against antigens extracted from fully sporulated oocysts. All of the antigen-expressing plaque-purified clones were initially characterized by cross screening with(More)
We introduce a theoretical framework for estimating the matching performance of binary correlation matrices acting as hetero-associative memories. The framework is applicable to non-recursive, fully-connected systems with binary (0,1) Hebbian weights and hard-limited threshold. It can handle both full and partial matching of single or multiple data items in(More)