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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purpose of this investigation was to measure the effects of a 10- to 14-day comprehensive, intensive hospital treatment program on peak exercise capacity, endurance capacity, respiratory function, weight change, and maximum inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures in patients with cystic fibrosis with a pulmonary exacerbation.(More)
The biosynthesis of 3'-deoxyadenosine (cordycepin) by Cordyceps militaris has been investigated using [U-14C]adenosine and [3-3H]ribose. Crystallization of the resulting radioactive 3'-deoxyadenosine to a constant specific activity showed incorporation of both labeled compounds. A control showed that the 3H:14C ratio of the AMP isolated from the RNA was the(More)
Proponents of ecosystem services approaches to assessment claim that it will ensure the environment is ‘properly valued’ in decision making. Analysts seeking to understand the likelihood of this could usefully reexamine previous attempts to deploy novel assessment processes in land-use planning and how they affect decisions. This paper draws insights from a(More)
Stresses present in different forms and call for subtly different responses. Conventional modes of planning seek to render such stressors manageable by administering them discretely. This has generally resulted in a segregated approach to spatial planning wherein functional delineations have become institutionally ‘sedimented’ within planning authorities(More)