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Automating Service Oriented Architectures by augmenting them with semantics will form the basis of the next generation of computing. Selection of service still is an important challenge, especially, when a set of services fulfilling user's capabilities requirements have been discovered , among these services which one will be eventually invoked by user is(More)
In a semantic environment data is described by ontologies and heterogeneity problems have to be solved at the ontological level. This means that alignments between ontologies have to be created, most probably during design-time, and used in various run-time processes. Such alignments describe a set of mappings between the source and target ontologies, where(More)
Semantically-enabled Service Oriented Architecture focused around principles of service orientation, semantic modeling, intelligent and automated integration defines grounds for a cutting-edge technology which enables new means to integration of services, more adaptive to changes in business requirements which occur over systems' lifetime. We define the(More)
The time of engineers is a precious commodity. This is especially true for engineers of semantic descriptions, who need to be highly skilled in conceptual modeling, a skill which will be in high demand as Semantic Web technologies are adopted by industry. Within the software engineering community Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like the Eclipse(More)
We present a goal-based approach for visualizing and browsing the search space of available Web services. A goal describes an objective that a client wants to solve by using Web services, abstracting from the technical details. Our visualization technique is based on a graph structure that organizes goal templates – i.e. generic and reusable objective(More)
Integrated e-government in the European Union requires good conceptual and technological foundations. Aligned with the European e-government strategy, we present how infrastructure for national as well as crosscountry e-government services can be facilitated by the Semantic Web Services concepts and technologies. With respect to this infrastructure , we(More)