Mick Hayward

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Forty-six patients who underwent colectomy with end ileostomy for ulcerative colitis (n = 33) or Crohn's disease (n = 13) have been reviewed for paraileostomy hernia (PIH) formation 1-16 years after surgery. PIH developed in 13 of these patients (28 per cent) and was not related to the original disease or excessive weight gain. Twenty-eight patients(More)
A survey of UK radiologists in 360 acute hospitals was undertaken to assess the current use of pulmonary angiography and radionuclide lung scanning in the investigation of suspected pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE). Replies were received from 340 (94%) hospitals, of which 48 (out of 50) were teaching hospitals or centres which perform cardiothoracic surgery.(More)
A survey of radiologists and nuclear physicians in 360 hospitals in the UK was undertaken to assess the current use of pulmonary ventilation agents. Replies were received from 340 (94%) hospitals. Of these, 200 (59%) provided lung scanning. The agents used for ventilation studies were Tc-labelled aerosols (118, 59%), 81Krm (58, 29%), 133Xe (42, 21%) and(More)
Sixty-three patients undergoing isotope ventilation/perfusion scintigraphy for suspected pulmonary embolism were monitored using pulse oximetry. Xenon inhalation had no adverse effect on arterial oxygen saturation. Fifty-seven per cent of patients demonstrated a drop in oxygen saturation of 2-10% within 5 min of injection of macroaggregates. Small changes(More)
The membrane bound, tumour associated antigen CA125 is recognized by the monoclonal antibody OC125 and may be detected in tumour tissue and serum in over 80% of patients with epithelial ovarian carcinomas. A total of 13 immunoscintigrams using 111 MBq 131I-OC125 have been performed in 11 patients. The results have been compared with clinical examination, CT(More)
Ten male volunteers were studied in a randomized, double-blind crossover trial. Each received ketorolac tromethamine 30 mg and morphine sulphate 10 mg i.m. at an interval of 2 weeks. After a standard radiolabelled meal, gastric emptying half-time (GE) and small intestinal transit time (SIT) were measured using a gamma camera. Small intestinal transit time(More)
Gastric emptying half-times and small intestinal transit times were measured in a double-blind crossover study of 17 volunteers who received an intravenous injection of nalbuphine (5 or 10 mg), morphine (5 mg) or placebo. Both times were monitored using a gamma camera after a radioactive test meal and gastric emptying half-time was calculated. Small(More)
We report an unusual case of a 44-year-old lady with a facial port-wine stain and a life-long history of atrial tachycardia who was found to have a large haemangioma lying posterior to the heart supplied by both the right and left coronary arteries. The facial port-wine stain was felt to be a cutaneous marker of the cardiac neoplasm.
Twenty-eight patients with end ileostomies underwent localised computed tomography (CT) of the ileostomy region. Para-ileostomy herniation was demonstrated in 10 patients. In two of these the hernia was not detectable clinically. This incidence (36%) is higher than that reported previously. Herniation was associated with a larger defect in the anterior(More)