Michiyuki Sugino

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Key technologies for the τ-Vmin mode FLCDs (Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays) were developed. An FLC material with negative dielectric anisotropy was developed, realizing fast line address time of 23µmicro;sec/line at 25˚C. The C2-uniform (C2U) orientation with chevron layer structure was achieved by using an aligning film with medium pretilt angle.(More)
In this research, we proposed a new image quality evaluation index Color Distribution Index (CDI). It considers color gamut, contrast ratio, maximum luminance, electro-optical characteristics such as gamma, bit depth and JND as human visual system to evaluate the ability for reproducing visually smooth gradation. When the CDI cell was defined, we verified(More)
Attempting to derive the field-aligned current (FAC) density using the EISCAT radar and to understand the role of the ionosphere on closing FACs, we conducted special radar experiments with the EISCAT radar on 9 October 1999. In order to derive the gradient of the ionospheric conductivity (grad) and the divergence of the electric field (div E) nearly(More)
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