Michiya Yamamoto

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Handheld mobile devices that have a touch screen are widely used but are awkward to use with one hand. To solve this problem, we propose MobiGaze, which is a user interface that uses one's gaze (gaze interface) to operate a handheld mobile device. By using stereo cameras, the user's line of sight is detected in 3D, enabling the user to interact with a(More)
A novel gaze estimation method based on a novel aspherical model of the cornea is proposed in this paper. The model is a surface of revolution about the optical axis of the eye. The calculation method is explained on the basis of the model. A prototype system for estimating the point of gaze (POG) has been developed using this method. The proposed method(More)
Spontaneous remission (SR) of cancer, especially of lung tumor, is a rare biological event. Only seven cases in which small cell lung cancer (SCLC) regressed spontaneously had been previously reported. We report here a rare case of complete SR of SCLC in an 86-year-old man. Paraneoplastic sensory neuronopathy (PSN) is a rare syndrome, which is associated(More)
A tabletop interface can enable interactions with images and real objects by using various sensors; therefore, such an interface can be applied for the creation of many artworks in the field of media arts. In this study, by focusing on gaze-and-touch interaction, we have proposed the concept of an eye-tracking tabletop interface (ETTI) as a new type of(More)
InterActor is a speech-input-driven CG-embodied interaction character that can generate communicative movements and actions for entrained interactions. InterPuppet, on the other hand, is an embodied interaction character that is driven by both speech input-similar to InterActor-and hand motion input, like a puppet. Therefore, humans can use InterPuppet to(More)