Michitaka Matsuumi

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Although the supply of 12-oxo-PDA (1) and OPC-8:0 (2), the metabolites in the linolenic acid cascade leading to epi-jasmonic acid, is in demand for biological investigations, the previous syntheses of these metabolites suffer from low efficiency. Recently, we established a reaction to install an alkyl group onto the ring of cyclopentene monoacetate 4 by(More)
Alkylation of the title compound 1 was investigated with two types of reagents. One is a copper reagent derived from R(T)MgX (X = Cl, Br) and CuX (X = CN, I) and the other is R(T)MgX in the presence of a copper or a nickel catalyst. First, butylation was studied with BuCu(CN)(MgX), Bu(2)Cu(CN)(MgX)(2), BuMgX/CuCN (10 mol %), BuCu (derived from BuMgCl and(More)
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