Michiro Matsuyama

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Two bacterial species at the upper boundary of the H2S-containing lower layer of Lake Kaiike, a purple sulfur bacterium and Macromonas sp., markedly changed their population densities in a single year (maximum cell numbers ranged between 106 and <103 cells ml−1), although neither species ever entirely disappeared from the lake over at least the past 30(More)
Bacterial contamination of dental unit waterlines (DUWLs) was evaluated using ATP bioluminescence analysis and a conventional culture method. Water samples (N=44) from DUWLs were investigated for heterotrophic bacteria by culture on R2A agar, which gave counts ranging from 1.4×103 to 2.7×105 cfu/mL. The ATP bioluminescence results for DUWL samples ranged(More)
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