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The SQL injection attack causes very serious problem to web applications which have database including personal data. To detect the SQL injection attack, the parsing and the black list based on the existed attack have been widely used. However, a new attack method that is not included by the black list has still been developed. In this paper, we proposed(More)
Recently, attacks against web application, such as SQL injection and cross site scripting, tend to increase. The detection methods against web application attacks such as pattern recognition, parsing and listing methods (web application firewall) have been developed. However, the evasion techniques of web application attacks are developing still now. In(More)
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) is a kind of injection attack triggered by the malicious scripts on the Web sites. If attackers successfully lead XSS, end users' Web browsing session can be hijacked and their personal information is often stolen by attackers. One of main reasons for XSS is the vulnerabilities on the Web applications. However, those(More)
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