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Fingerprint recognition is one of the most popular and successful methods used for person identification, which takes advantage of the fact that the fingerprint has some unique characteristics called minutiae; which are points where a curve track finishes, intersect with other track or branches off. Biometric identification systems using fingerprints(More)
A fingerprint is the visible impression or molded that papillary produces with the papillary crest contact in a surface. It depends on the conditions under which the fingerprint is made, and the support characteristics (plastics or soft matters in due conditions), however, it is an individual characteristic that is used as a main pattern for people(More)
Fingerprint recognition is one of the most popular methods used for identification with greater degree of success. The fingerprint has unique characteristics called minutiae, which are points where a curve track finishes, intersect or branches off. Identification systems using fingerprints biometric patterns are called AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint(More)
— This paper proposes a new approach to disturbance estimation based on a curvature model to improve the disturbance rejection performance of a servo system. The main feature is that the stability of the control system is guaranteed when the disturbance estimate is incorporated directly into the designed servo control law. Experimental results show that(More)
A blind watermarking algorithm for digital video resilient to MPEG-2 compression combined with several attacks is proposed. The proposed algorithm embeds binary visually recognizable patterns, such as the owner's logotype, in the DWT domain of some randomly selected video frames. To increase the security, the watermark data is transformed into a noise-like(More)