Michio Nakagawa

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A 75 mm low power 64 Gb MLC NAND flash memory capable of 30 MB/s program throughput and 533 MB/s data transfer rate at 1.8 V supply voltage is developed in 15 nm CMOS technology. 36% power reduction from 3.3 V design is achieved by a new pumping scheme. New low current peak features reduce a multi-die concurrent programming peak by 65% for 4-die case, and(More)
Vertical electric current density was obtained from direct electric field and conductivity measurements on two stratospheric balloon payloads during the 2nd polar patrol balloon (PPB) campaign from Syowa Station in Antarctica during January 2003. Payloads of these two flights were identical and were launched 8-h apart resulting in separation distances of a(More)
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