Michio Naito

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In many of today's most interesting materials, strong interactions prevail upon the magnetic moments, the electrons, and the crystal lattice, forming strong links between these different aspects of the system. Particularly, in two-dimensional cuprates, where copper is either five- or six-fold coordinated, superconductivity is commonly induced by chemical(More)
The recently discovered oxypnictide superconductor SmFeAs(O,F) is the most attractive material among the Fe-based superconductors due to its highest transition temperature of 56 K and potential for high-field performance. In order to exploit this new material for superconducting applications, the knowledge and understanding of its electro-magnetic(More)
PURPOSE This study seeks to investigate doctors' desire to change the hospital where they work to sustain higher quality care. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH Self-administered questionnaires were sent to doctors in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Data were analyzed using univariate and logistic regression analysis and recursive partitioning. FINDINGS Factors(More)
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