Michiko Yamato

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A series of structurally novel stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 (SCD-1) inhibitors has been identified by optimizing a hit from our corporate library. Preliminary structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies led to the discovery of the highly potent and orally bioavailable thiazole-based SCD-1 inhibitor,(More)
B7-H3 is highly overexpressed in a variety of human clinical tumors, and its expression is significantly associated with poor outcomes. In our study, we aimed to develop new antitumor mAbs by employing cancer cell immunization, and succeeded in generating a mouse anti-human B7-H3 antibody (M30) that shows antitumor activity. M30 was humanized (Hu-M30), and(More)
A modification of novel cathepsin K inhibitors I was carried out. The structural design was aimed at reducing the lipophilic character of compounds I for obtaining better pharmacokinetic profiles. This modification afforded several less lipophilic compounds with good inhibitory activities and pharmacokinetic profiles, although the enzyme selectivity over(More)
Overexpression of EPHA2 has been observed in multiple cancers and reported to be associated with poor prognosis. Here, we produced an afucosylated humanized anti-EPHA2 monoclonal antibody (mAb), DS-8895a for cancer treatment. The antibody recognizes the extracellular juxtamembrane region of EPHA2 and therefore can bind to both full-length and truncated(More)
A novel series of cathepsin K inhibitors derived from Novartis compound I is described. Optimization of the P1, P3, and P1' units led to the identification of 4-aminophenoxyacetic acid 24b with an IC(50) value of 4.8 nM, which possessed an excellent selectivity over other human cathepsins and good pharmacokinetic (PK) properties. Oral administration of(More)
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